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allenxisxahead has rolled intOH MY GOODNESS


The head flopped over, giving up on rolling, when he heard that familiar voice. He honestly had wanted to see his sister again but not like that. But then he heard his own voice from somewhere else and, honestly just as confused as the others who were looking at him, he moved so he could look up at the two. “If it is, please do me a favor and kill whoever thought of the joke. It is not funny.”

Riliane screamed once more, sobbing harder despite Allen’s attempts to calm her down.

"Y-you’re talking… Oh, Held, oh, Held, this has to be a nightmare… Another horrible nightmare… I’ve already had enough of these…"

"Unless we’re having one of those twin psychic connection things, I don’t think so…" Allen still did not understand exactly how it could be real, but somehow…

"How…? What…? Are you…?"

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allenxisxahead has rolled intOH MY GOODNESS

"Oh, a new–" Riliane began, only to let loose a scream. A very loud, high-pitched scream.
“Riliane!” Allen cried, running in to protect his beloved sister from whatever had caused her to shriek so loudly. “Are you oka–” he started, but fell silent upon seeing the newcomer.
Two pairs of eyes stared at the perfect copy of Allen’s disembodied head, reliving that horrible time within a few moments of shock. The princess collapsed onto the floor, sobbing hysterically, while her brother slowly made his way to comfort her, still dazed and terrified himself.
‘What… Is this some kind of sick joke?!’

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Riliane: “Why don’t any of you talk to me anymore?!”


Kayo: “…I sense a disturbance in the Envy…”

do not question your damnation

Allen: “????”

allen u are still damned

Allen: “But… Why?!?!”


ok so i’m shaking because they weren’t supposed to get here until january but rin and len just showed up on my doorstep on their birthday don’t you dare say that isn’t the biggest coincidence

Happy birthday, Riliane and Allen!

Riliane: Thank you~ See, that wasn’t too hard~
Allen: Thanks!

Riliane: Okay, why are we not getting birthday greetings?
Allen: Riliane, calm down, it’s okay…
Riliane: Come on guys!!!